My name is Lora. And i LOVE to draw Manga style pictures! I will post at least 2 pictures per week. And I hope that you will enjoy my drawings!

I like FNAF, Undertale, Creepypasta and Anime! I am still in school, so it may take a while before I post something!

But PLEASE enjoy the pictures that are already out!!

My favorite youtuber is Markiplier!!! =)      I also like Aphmau, Jacksepticeye, DanTDM and CarFlo!!!  I hope that you maybe like them too!

My favorite foods is Waffles and Taco!

My favorite Video games are FNAF, Minecraft and The Sims 4!! =)

I like the color RED!

If You want an avatar, you can click this link: https://charitymanga.blogspot.se/


Have a good day!